Rains to deluge B'lore this week; may make up for shortfall of 2012

Rains to deluge B'lore this week; may make up for shortfall of 2012

Rains to deluge B'lore this week; may make up for shortfall of 2012

The City seems to be making up with a vengeance for the woeful shortfall of 2012. It has already recorded 37 mm more rain than the meteorological department had forecast (81 mm for June). According to Met officials, the City broke a 122-year-old record on the very first day of the month.

Based on the 30-year average value, the Meteorological department had estimated that the City would record 81 mm of rain in June. The number of rainy days were estimated to be six in June. But now, the department expects at least eight to 10 rainy days this month, the official said. The first three days have seen ‘moderate’ or ‘rather heavy’ rainfall. The City recorded 118.4 mm of rain in a single, short spell of 15 to 20 minutes, providing 3.6 mm of rain, on Monday alone.

According to officials, the forecast for the next five days is: “Tuesday: 0 mm; Wednesday: 9 mm; Thursday: 9 mm; Friday: 16 mm and Saturday: 6 mm.” If the forecast holds good, then Bangalore will see 158.4 mm of rain by Saturday, which will be the highest since 2009.

In 2009, Bangalore witnessed 204.6 mm of rain in June, only 23.6 mm less than the all-time record of 228.2 mm, recorded in 1996 (see box). Last year, the City witnessed only 7.2 mm in June, the lowest in many years. The lack of rain was attributed to the lack of moisture and the required wind pattern.

“The moisture levels need to be above 50 per cent, while the wind pattern should have an average speed of at least 15 to 25 kmph. These are the two main Met parameters required for rain. Last year, the overall instability in the atmosphere was missing too,” the official said. Meteorological Department Director B Puttanna said: “The rains in Bangalore will now subside and more rains are expected only post-July.”


Year    Rainfall (mm)
    24-Hrs     Monthly
    highest  (date)    Total

*  2013    109 (01)    158.4 (estimated)
*  2012    2.8 (09)    7.2
*  2011    18.9(26)    57.7
*  2010     28.8(04)    105.2
*  2009    89.6(11)     204.6
*  2008    65.6(01)    117.0

Note: Highest Monthly rain in June was recorded in 1996: 228.2