'Disabled students need more facilities'

'Disabled students need more facilities'

Sambhavana, a group of Delhi University students and University teachers working on disability issues, has submitted to the vice chancellor a detailed report of suggestions on facilities for visually impaired students under the four-year undergraduate programme.

“Teaching Science does not require mere orientation, but also special intensive training of manpower (teachers and non-teaching support staff) for at least one semester. According to DU’s own document, the syllabi need problem solving skills, and hence need supporting technology, special skills and trained staff.”

The document also cited an example of the course content in Science, which calls for such facilities.

“Knowledge about hard and soft water and commonly used water purification technique are a part of the Science curriculum. We want to know how demonstrations of hardness/softness of water, potable/non-potable water will be done. How will the demonstration of purification techniques be done? This needs practical and demonstrative components, and hence the need for supporting devices,” said the Sambhavana report.

“The chapter Physical Parameters talks about perception of distance, mass, time, temperature and force... Such topics related to force and temperature need digital readout technologies, such as talking calculators,” the report said.