A medley of culture and tradition

A medley of culture and tradition

A medley of culture and tradition

RV Institute of Management celebrated its annual day at the college premises recently. The day was a mix of fun and festivity and the campus bubbled with energy.

The students presented solo dances and solo and group songs. While the activities were simple in structure and style, they were impressive and the students were excited. Nishtha Bohra, a student volunteer, said, “The programmes were very entertaining. It was worth noting that even with minimal practice, the students put up a great show.”
The stage and college premises were decorated with leaves to go with the theme ‘Go Green’. The college authorities wanted to lay emphasis on the importance of being

An audience member, Ashwin Mahendra, was delighted about the content of the programme. “It was nice to see the seniors back in college since we celebrated the farewell also on the same day. Even though the programme was short, it was very entertaining and reflected the true spirit of the college.”

Arpitha S R, who sang at the event, said, “It was an enlightening experience to sing before the crowd for the annual day. We sang two songs —Hachevu Kannadada Deepa, which is a devotional song, and Mayada Manada Bhara, a folk song.”

Arpitha added that the college always encouraged them to perform songs which conveyed a meaning or had a message. “In the college, there is strict discipline. There is emphasis on keeping the culture and tradition of the country alive in whichever way students can.” Despite not getting enough time to practice, the students put their best foot forward.

Rony Mondal, a student who’s been learning kathak for six years, performed on the day. “My recital started with guru vandana after which I performed a sequence for the audience.” She summed up, “The audience really appreciated my footwork. I’ve performed at the college earlier. But this was special.”

Prizes were also given away to students for their achievements in the academic year.