A fine palette of subtle hues

A fine palette of subtle hues

A fine palette of subtle hues

The recent ‘IIFT Designers Fashion Show 2013 — Parade of Fashion’, which was held at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, included colourful and vibrant designs as well as entertaining programmes.

   The event showcased the designs of a faculty member and six students of the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT).

   The show started with ‘Black Money’, a series by Sandesh Nair, a faculty member of the college.

   “My sequence showcased garments that had a base colour of black, with gold work used subtly. Just like black money is hidden, I used gold in a very discrete manner so as to give the dresses a classy and elegant look,” explains Sandesh.

There were bright styles in ‘Nature Vibrant’, elegant clothing in ‘Purity’, colourful designs in ‘Explore’, traditional designs in Navaratna, classic styles in ‘Traditional Journey’ and impressive ones in the ‘Dark Lord’.

   Each of the designs unfolded a story of its own with various styles and cuts.
   Deepthi Prakash, who designed ‘Explore’, says, “I was always drawn to the tie-and-dye technique of printing on fabric, and I used this for my theme at this show. My
designs included mid-thigh, knee and three-fourth length one-piece dresses. I used a palette of colours which were neither too bright nor too dull,.”

Shravan Thadiyappana’s ‘Traditional Journey’, a collection of Indo-Western wear, was impressive.

   “I designed subtle evening wear with traditional Indian embroidery like banjara, kashida, kantha and kasuthi. Deeply influenced by the culture and tradition of our country, I wanted to take it one step ahead and that was the idea behind my collection,” says Shravan.

All the other designs had some or the other inspiration too. While Sinchana’s ‘Nature Vibrant’ collection was inspired by butterflies and showcased flowing costumes in bright lively colours, Sagar Gowda’s ‘Dark Lord’ was inspired by Lord Shiva and featured fitted garments in black and grey.

   Nisha’s Navaratna, a bridesmaid collection, displayed different lehengas, sherwanis and kurtas, while Arshiya’s ‘Purity’, inspired by Sufism, showcased different anarkali designs in white.

   The event also consisted of other entertainment programmes like group dances and Sandalwood music.