From Trinidad to India

From Trinidad to India

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) along with the High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in India is showcasing an exhibition – ‘Milap - the embrace’.

The art show will be showcasing ice sculptures made by Pankaj Guru at Azad Bhavan Art Gallery till today evening.

Pankaj Guru is showcasing his collection of sculptures along with celebrating the deep cultural ties between Trinidad and Tobago and India. This initiative is to mark the increasing level of regard between the two countries and to keep the art alive forever.

As the name suggests, Milap helps in assembling the different cultures and religions, through presentation of art. It brings together not only cultures but individuals also.
The youngest artist of the exhibiting, Pankaj Guru is showcasing his thought process through his creations. Pankaj, being the son of renowned Artist B K Guru always had creative flow around him which energised him to take up the art field. As a child, sculpting as 3D forms always fascinated him and his father eminently helped him. Under his father’s supervision, Pankaj understood the process of creation as firsthand experience.

Talking about his creations, Pankaj said, “I have created seven sculptures. Two of them are human figures having diyas on them. When we inaugurate any event, we light lamps which means we bow to knowledge. So, these diyas show that when they burn, knowledge grows. My other creation are the human faces which are silimar looking made from bronze and their dresses are made from ice. When ice melts, it shows the faces depicting unity among humans – as all the faces are similar looking. It shows no matter what your religion or caste is, we at the end of the day are humans.”

In his view, we all are one i.e. originated from the same source. But, due to ignorance, we tend to think that we all are different and have kept ourselves in tight compartments of culture, languages, caste and creed which make us think that we are superior to others.
The installations of his work which are named as The Rise, Awakening, Transcendence and Zeal would bring out the meaningful, experimental and unconventional styles of him.
Pankaj’s inspiration to create versatile sculptures has always been people and the situations around him.

He is determined that all human beings, due to ignorance, have shifted from ‘being’ to ‘doing’ which is nothing but food for the human’s ego.

His solution to the many problems stated by individuals is that with the right awakening, realisation and achievement of the ‘real being’ can surely happen.