Thrilled with the success

Thrilled with the success

Thrilled with the success

It’s interesting how students get inspired from movies and come up with innovative concepts that win laurels.

Students of the final-year computer science stream, PESIT Bangalore South
campus, bagged the ‘Best Paper Award’ for their project ‘JAY 24’ and the paper ‘Switch States’ at an international conference held in Singapore.

   Kishore Venkateshan, Pranith R Naik and their guide Krupalini N Swamy presented this paper and appreciation and praises came from all quarters.

Pranith says that it was a learning experience for them. “We had not even applied in
a national conference but decided to send our entries for this international conference,” he says.

   “We had sent our entries at the last moment and did not expect it to be accepted. So when the acceptance letter came, we were thrilled. It was a huge platform for us.

People from different parts of the world were there, including many professors,” he says, adding, “It was a platform for us to witness the advancement of technology in our respective fields.

Many brilliant minds from our industry were there and we learnt a lot from them.”
Kishore says that the project  was inspired from the film ‘Iron Man’ and they decided to build on the subject.

“We started by innovating on a random idea but soon, we went on to experiment and added more features and applications to the core project, which was developed by me. We named it the ‘Switch State’ as the mechanism was such,” he explains.

“Finally, when it became a complete paper, we decided to present it in an international forum. We got appreciation from everyone there. Some even suggested steps to add to the project. There might be a possibility to patent the project in the
future but right now, we want to just improve it,” he says.

Krupalini, the guide for the project, says that the students received a lot of exposure and learnt from their peers as well as from those who presented papers there. 

   “The greatest achievement was to win the title of the ‘best paper’. We worked on this subject for more than a year and the end result was satisfying. The students
are now inspired to start working on the next paper,” she sums up.