Red Rooster win overall title in fourth round of INRC

Red Rooster win overall title in fourth round of INRC

For the 34-year old Mathias, the reigning national champion, it was his first win of the season following retirements in the previous three rounds.

He spared one minute and 50 seconds to Arjun Balu (co-driver Sujith Kumar BS) of Team MRF who moved to second place following retirement of team-mate Lohitt Urs (co-driver Shrikant Gowda).

Arjun Rao Aroor and co-driver Satish Rajagopal came in a distant third.
In the 1600cc, Joseph C Jos and co-driver Royce Kizhakoodan of DDL Sports recorded their second win of the series following their success in Bangalore to finish ahead of championship leader and winner in Kolkata, Sujay Suresh and co-driver Varun Satyanarayan. Rahul Kanthraj and co-driver Vivek Bhatt, who were lying second in the championship standings, dropped crucial points with a third place finish. Also chalking up his second success in the championship was Vikram Devadasen (co-driver Nikhil Pai) in the 1400cc class. The 34-year old Devadasen had earlier taken the honours in Bangalore.
In the Rally Star Cup class, overnight leader and 21-year old debutant Karna Kadur (co-driver Somonita Ghosh).

Final results:
Overall: 2000cc: Vikram Mathias/ PVS Murthy (Red Rooster Racing, 1hour, 23mins, 12secs) 1; Arjun Balu/ Sujith Kumar BS (Team MRF, 1:25:02) 2; Arjun Rao Aroor/ Satish Rajagopal (Team MRF, 1:26:39) 3. 1,600cc (Maruti Baleno): Joseph C Jos/ Royce Kizhakoodan (DDL Sports, 1:30:19) 1; Sujay Suresh/ Varun Satyanarayan (1:31:11) 2; Rahul Kanthraj/ Vivek Bhatt (1:32:39) 3. 1,400cc (MPFI Esteem): Vikram Devadasen/ Nikhil Pai (1:30:43) 1; Byram Godrej/ Raymond Desouza (1:32:41) 2; Shailendar Hegde/ Sheraz Ahmed (1:34:25) 3.

Rally Star Cup (Carbureted Esteem): Karna Kadur/ Somonita Ghosh (RRR, 1:32:05) 1; Balram CG/ Raghuram CG (1:37:30) 2; Phalguna Urs/ Anoop Kumar (1:37:30) 3. Gypsy Cup: Sandeep Sharma/ Anmol Rampal (Team Thunderbolt, 1:35:29) 1; Kushwant Randhawa/ Vinay Shekar (1:37:27) 2; Akash Agarwal/ Pradeep Mhasar (1:39:12) 3.