Musharraf to be tried at his farmhouse in judges case

Musharraf to be tried at his farmhouse in judges case

Musharraf to be tried at his farmhouse in judges case

A Pakistani court today allowed the trial of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf for sacking and detaining dozens of judges in 2007 to be conducted at his farmhouse that has been declared a "sub-jail".

The Islamabad High Court said anti-terrorism court Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi could conduct 69-year-old Musharraf's trial at his sprawling farmhouse in the suburb of Chak Shahzad.

The court gave its ruling after its Registrar and Zaidi reviewed security arrangements at the farmhouse.

The anti-terrorism court is hearing a case against Musharraf for detaining dozens of members of the superior judiciary after imposing emergency rule in 2007.

Islamabad had no anti-terrorism courts till recently and the court was created specifically for Musharraf's trial.

The Chief Commissioner of Islamabad had recently issued a notification for conducting Musharraf's trial at his farmhouse but it was later withdrawn after Zaidi raised concerns about his security.

Zaidi also informed the Islamabad High Court in writing about his security concerns.
Zaidi had sought the establishment of a courtroom within Musharraf’s farmhouse and a bulletproof vehicle for his personal use due to security concerns associated with the high-profile case.

Reports said the administration of Islamabad had set up the courtroom and asked the Cabinet Division to provide a bulletproof car to the judge.

The anti-terrorism court is currently located in the congested district and sessions court complex in Islamabad.

The administration of Islamabad recently recommended that Musharraf’s trial should be held at his farmhouse because he would be exposed to threats every time he was driven from his residence to the court complex in the heart of Islamabad.