Give your walls a photo finish

Give your walls a photo finish

DECOR It is important to consider what kind of photographs suit your walls best. Also, you could hang them in a cluster,   a row or other patterns, suggests Vinaya Govind

Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that make a big difference in accentuating the beauty of your homes. Decorating with photographs is one way you could give your home a look that is personal and pleasant. They bring to your mind memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Since modern homes have rooms and walls of different shapes, it is essential to understand what kind of photographs suit best to enhance the look of your home.
All rooms cannot have the same shade, colour and texture, so it is also important to know themes that suit the walls of each room depending on the specific task, mood and the dimensions.

If you feel hanging photographs on the wall behind the couch is a little outdated, try hanging them in long corridors, varying in pattern.

You could hang them in clusters, in a row or differently in ascending and descending pattern.

A single large photograph does make a difference depending on the placement.

Choosing photographs

Picking the right photographs is important as they tend to enhance and blend in with your mood whenever you are in those spaces. Those looking for simple and minimal themes could opt for black and white photographs. If your hobby is photography, get your coloured photographs done in black and white before you frame them. These photographs blend well with living rooms that are painted white, black or grey.

Photographs that depict serenity and tranquility go well with bedrooms or places where you relax. Pictures with landscapes and plenty of nature give your mind calmness. Photographs with brighter shades of red and vibrant greens are suggested for kitchens.
Children’s rooms can be decorated with photographs that have brighter shades of red and yellow. Cartoons can be an option for kids. If your child is good at art or dance or any sport, showcase these photographs — different postures of dance, your child at some game or his paintings. A photograph of your child’s favourite idol is also a good idea.

If you have an ancestral, antique photograph that is precious, showcase it as a central piece. Surround it with other photographs which have the same theme. You could make your divider-glass wall look beautiful by hanging a few photographs on them.


Lighting is a vital aspect that needs to be considered before you hang up these framed accessories.

Make sure the lighting is just enough to bring the best out these pictures. Direct sunlight or too much light can create a glare in these pictures.

Points to remember

*Too many pictures in too little space will mar the beauty of the room.

*Hooks that are sturdy and long lasting are a must to support the photographs.

*Photographs of birds, floral patterns, landscapes and greenery create a pleasant and peaceful ambience at home.

*Avoid photographs depicting wars, a crying child, poverty or disasters that can create negative vibes in your home.

*Right spacing is crucial to avoid the haphazard look, especially if pictures are hung in clusters, in a row or in ascending and descending patterns.