Divide and rule

Divide and rule

You need to demarcate a particular area in your house for a certain purpose — say, studying, working, working out…using parts of bigger rooms for specific purposes makes your house neater and more organised.

But, building a concrete wall would eliminate the flexibility a house based on an open-floor plan offers. So, what’s the alternative? Dividers, of course! You avoid sacrificing light and ventilation when you The time-honoured, thick curtains are the most common. But, these merely segregate areas. If its privacy and soundproofing you’re after, go for the modern, modular partitions. Are these your only options? Plus, which type of partition is best suited for particular areas? If these and other such questions dog you, here’s help.

First consider three aspects – your budget, the purpose and the overall decor theme of the room where you’ll be introducing your partitions. Then, choose dividers made of materials and designs appropriate for these three. Colour of the partitions, lighting of the room and décor theme can all be manipulated to lend the appearance of spaciousness to your house despite the presence of partitions. Also decide whether you need opaque ones, translucent ones or transparent ones.

The open-floor plan, an absence of walls segregating the building’s different portions whether in the house or office, is almost the norm today owing to transformed living/working trends especially since gigantic bungalows housing sprawling halls and huge kitchens are beyond most wallets’ reach. Furniture, shoji screens, carved wooden partitions, bookcases and potted plants can be arranged to segregate disparate areas, say, the TV-viewing corner from the dining area. Screens to block smells from wafting into the living room area are also essential here. The cramped space and rental agreement restrictions needn’t intimidate you when it comes to decorating your new studio apartment. Define spaces clearly, but maintain the flow for that airy look using room dividers. See-through room dividers like those with shelves, thin curtains and frosted glass partitions are recommended. When imparting that Zen feel to your home, if a room-divider’s necessary, go for shoji screens. 

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