Rural women get trained in hardware and spoken English

Rural women get trained in hardware and spoken English

Financial assistance to the tune of Rs 1.11 crore disbursed

Stepping into male bastion, 105 women have undergone training in hardware and networking, besides learning English.

Making judicious use of facilities provided by Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation (KSWDC) have undergone training in various skills in the district. They belong to different taluks - 50 from Mysore taluk, 30 from Hunsur and 25 from T Narsipur.
The women’s corporation has disbursed financial assistance to the tune of Rs 1.11 crore in the district in the previous fiscal (2012-13) under Udyogini plan.

To hone entrepreneurship skills among women, a financial aid of Rs 35.55 lakh has been distributed for revenue generating activities to 411 beneficiaries. Apart from this, Rs 2.30 lakh is spent on entrepreneurship training of women who have obtained loan from the corporation.


Among them, 170 women belonging to scheduled caste (SC) have secured a loan of Rs 16.58 lakh; 35 ST - Rs 3.37 lakh; four disabled - Rs 40,000; 18 widows - Rs 1.76 lakh; eight minorities - Rs 60,000; and two in financial difficulties have got Rs 20,000.

Also, Rs 12.36 lakh has been advanced to the beneficiaries belonging to other categories. It was during the same period that 105 women were trained in hardware and networking, and also spoken English classes.

To encourage financial transaction among women, Rs one lakh at six per cent rate of interest has been distributed to each of four women self-help groups under micro finance plan benefitting a total of 72 members. They are -- Parvathamma Stree Shakti Women’s Self-help group at Haadya, K R Nagar taluk with 20 beneficiaries; Parameshwari Stree Shakti Women’s Self-help Group, H Matakere, H D Kote taluk, 14 beneficiaries; Chikka Thayamma Stree Shakti Women’s Self-help group, Girugur, Periyapatna taluk, 18 beneficiaries; and Lakshmi Stree Shakti Women’s Self-help Group, Thappoor, Hunsur taluk, 20 beneficiaries.


Some of the beneficiaries have already repaid the principal amount of Rs 1.01 lakh and Rs 12,000 rate of interest totalling Rs 1.13 lakh. Out of Rs 70 lakh special loan disbursed to supply food to anganwadi centres through food production and training centres (women supplementary food production and training centre), Rs 43 lakh has been already collected.

Direct loan of Rs 1,000 has been distributed to 135 women street vendors involved in selling flowers, fruits, bangles, toys, handicrafts, eatables and other products, only to improve their life style.

The loan will be recovered through installments every month at an interest rate of Rs one.

To further encourage women involved in different activities under the Corporation, 40 stalls were provided at Kalamandira during Dasara previous year, to sell products from women entrepreneurs. Additional 20 stalls were provided during Sri Kshetra Suttur Jatra Mahotsava. In all 73 benefitted from the stalls, accounting for a transaction of Rs 6.70 lakh.