'Revise Sarojini Mahishi report, implement'

'Revise Sarojini Mahishi report, implement'

Pundalika Halambi inaugurates Udupi district literary meet

'Revise Sarojini Mahishi report, implement'

Karnataka State Kannada Sahitya Parishat President Pundalika Halambi demanded that Sarojini Mahishi report should be revised and implemented in order to make Kannada language sound enough to build livelihood.

Speaking after inaugurating the Udupi district Kannada Sahitya Sammelan here in Ananthapadbhanabha auditorium on Thursday, the Parishat President said that Kannada language is facing threat of extinction and if similar situation continues to persist, a day will come when Kannada language will be completely eliminated from primary school education.

Emphasis should be given on safeguarding Kannada language against the surge of English language. Kannada should be the language that builds life. Each individual is the stakeholder with the responsibilities of safeguarding the language. Kannada Sahitya Sammelans which are being held in different parts of the state should contemplate on the measures that help to protect the language from vanishing.

Stating that Kannada language has strong literary background and also the language has grown equivalent to any other advanced language, Halambi said Kannada is one among those 30 languages across the globe that has 2,000 years of wonderful legacy. The language has been bestowed with eight Jnanapeetha awards. It has a strong rooted foundation with affluent legacy of literature.

Threat to Kannada schools

There is a threat that Kannada medium schools will be shut down permanently in the days to come.

Each individual should mull over the causes that has led towards the decline of the language, the President said. There is a need to find why parents are reluctant to send their children to Kannada medium schools.

There is a need for serious deliberations over how to promote the language which proves to be beneficial to the people to build their life. The government should also be committed to protect the language from getting extinct. Sarojini Mahishi report was published 20 years ago, however, thereafter each successive government failed to give a serious thought towards implementing the recommendations made by Mahishi. There is urgent need for revised version of the report. The recommendations should be implemented to bring out the people from the delusion that English language is the only language that provides livelihood.

He demanded that the government should immediately announce 50 per cent reservation in CET for Kannada medium students and also 50 per cent reservation in government jobs to the youth who have studied in Kannada medium schools. Students studying in Kannada medium schools should be encouraged with scholarships. If government does not take up stern measures, it is for sure that Kannada medium schools will be forced to shut down in future.

All praise for Congress

Lauding the Congress party for assuring compulsory Kannada education till seventh standard in its manifesto, Halambi said the Congress government should initiate measures to fulfill the assurance it pledged in its manifesto.

Stating that Karnataka Kannada Sahitya Parishat will be celebrating the centenary celebrations, Halambi said Parishat has walked a long way in its momentous journey.

The commemorative hundred years ride is a blend of unforgettable experiences. The Parishat has organised nearly 79 All India Kannada Sahitya Sammelan and also many number of district and taluk level Sahitya Sammelan in its 100 years history.

Besides, it has been actively initiating measures supporting unification of Karnataka. He praised the erstwhile Dakshina Kannada district in which conferences and works concerning Kannada Sahitya Parishat took place without any obstacles. Lamenting that the twin districts are not in the forefront when it comes to the protest and raise the voice against the blunders taking place posing threat to the interests of Kannadigas as a whole, he said referring to the nonaligned attitude followed in this region against the issues like Cauvery River water issue and border conflicts.

He said Kannada Sahitya Parishat during its centenary celebrations has plenty of programmes to promote Kannada language. The remembrance will not be limited only for celebrations. Rather the occasion will provide an avenue for unforgettable documented memorials.

The Parishat has sent a proposal to the government to bring out 15 editions of modern history of Kannada literature and 15 editors are appointed for the purpose.

The action plan has been chalked out. The editions will comprise of the works of great Kannada litterateurs like Kuvempu, Mudanna and Karanth. Besides, as many as five editions will be brought out on youth perception over various facets of Kannada literature.

Take serious measures

He said the government should take serious measures to implement the declarations made during various Kannada Sahitya Parishat Sammelans. He also said the Sammellans should also give priority to the local issues and also to the problems bothering the region where the conference is being held.

He urged that Kannnada language should be part and parcel of each individual's life in the state and it’s only then the language can survive in the midst of invasions from other languages, he said.

Sammelan President Ambathanaya Mudradi said the primary education should be in the mother-tongue, that is, Kannada. He said most of the people who start English medium school take permission for Kannada medium schools. He said there are many books from other language which are translated into Kannada language, However, there are not many books from Kannada which is translated to other languages. He stressed that at least the works of the eight Jnanapeetha awardees should be translated to other languages. He lamented that government has not initiated any action to appoint President for Kannada Sahitya Academy till date.