Tricycles for handicapped rust, thanks to inept corporations

Tricycles for handicapped rust, thanks to inept corporations

Tricycles for handicapped rust, thanks to inept corporations

There is no dearth of physically handicapped people in the city, but municipal corporations have allowed tricycles procured for differently abled people to rust on the excuse that they could not identify enough of them.

Hundreds of tricycles out of over 1,300 procured in 2010 by the unified MCD to distribute to the handicapped, have now become scrap, dumped in corporation stores as civic officials failed to give them to the intended beneficiaries.

At the time of procurement, it was decided to give away five tricycles in each of the 272 municipal wards. However, corporation sources said hundreds of tricycles are still rusting in the corporation stores.   

The incident came to light after Malviya Nagar BJP councillor Satish Upadhyay requested South Corporation community services department to allot a tricycle to a person recommended by him.

After considerable delay, the officers informed Upadhyay that they could not provide the tricycle as not a single one among those available in the stores was in usable condition.

“I was surprised to see the heap of tricycles in the Kalu Sarai store of the corporation. It is surprising that they could not find enough handicapped people when we constantly get requests from people and NGOs for such help. I will take up the matter with the municipal commissioner,” Upadhyay said.

According to corporation sources, tricycles are rusting in stores of all the three civic bodies; at least 221 tricycles are lying in the stores of the South Corporation. The unified MCD had spent around Rs 50 lakh to procure the tricycles. 

V P Pandey, BJP councillor and ex-deputy chairman of standing committee of North Corporation,  blamed eligibility norms for the failed mission.

“I distributed my share of five tricycles. Later, when I approached the officers to allot tricycles to three more persons as many were still available, the latter refused citing that the applicants were migrants from Bihar and did not possess identity card registered in Delhi. I don’t know how they expect migrants to possess a local identity card. It’s better to allot them to the needy than allow it to rust,” said Pandey.

Leader of the Opposition in South Corporation Frahad Suri demanded an inquiry into the lapse.
“As many as 221 tricycles are lying unused in South Corporation alone. Add the numbers lying in North and East Corporations and you will get an idea of the amount of public money wasted,” Suri said.

“An inquiry should be conducted to ascertain whether sub-standard ones were procured. It should also be looked into if surplus procurement was made for a price. Responsibility should be fixed,” Suri added.

Councillors also suggested that the civic body get the idling tricycles repaired and distribute them to the beneficiaries.