Refreshing range of pillows

 Unnatural sleeping positions are the root cause of neck aches back aches or body aches. This season, Calma presents its new range of pillows and mattresses. These scientifically designed Calma pillows are based on deep understanding of human anatomy. It aids your body to rest in its natural position and eliminates wrong pressure points. Thus elevating your sleeping experience to a curative one. From taking the load off your shoulder to curing aches forever to taking the style quotient of your bedroom few notches higher, there's a Calma Pillow for every need. So that, even the most sensitive sleeper sleeps peacefully.

Wellness showers

Coram India today announced the launch of a new range of Extreme wellness showers. The new generation range of wellness shower come in a closed circuit system that ensures no wastage of water. A powerful pump takes in water from a built-in reservoir; pumps it around the system thus eliminating the need to supply any fresh water at all. This innovative technology provides 5000 litres of shower in 15 minutes by using just 55 litres. Available in 3 different variants and multiple shape options, the shower can be used both as stand alone or wall flushed .The powerful water pressure technology eliminates your worries on low water pressure supply from the main source, thus giving you a total spa experience in the luxury of your personal settings.

Pearl wedding jewellery

Zaveri & Co matchless ornaments are made to add zing to your getup while you get set to go out and celebrate. All the ornaments look great dressed up or dressed down. So no matter what the occasion or outing, the jewellery will undoubtedly complement and enhance your best features Pearl jewellery is a must have in every woman’s bijoux. With new designs and modern updates to jewellery design, pearl jewellery is making a huge comeback in mainstream fashion.

This particular line of beautiful pearl jewellery is spectacular and exuberant and is being specially crafted for those who are looking for eminence and uniqueness. Pearls are veritable jewels of the sea, and living symbols of purity and perfection. Pearl wedding jewellery is so elegant and is the most popular choice among brides as pearls symbolize purity-and they make a stylish statement too.