Vet varsity launches Farmer's Corner

Vet varsity launches Farmer's Corner

Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Science University (KVAFSU), has taken a step forward to connect to its students and faculty and farmers across the country, through its website.

‘Farmer’s Corner’ — provides complete information to farmers about agriculture. Farmers can pose questions which will be answered by a team of experts at KVAFSU. If need be, a university team will visit the farmer or the village to give nescessary demonstration.

In two phases

The portal also has scope for information sharing amongst doctors, specialising in veternary, animal husbandry, fisheries and agriculture and scientists involved with agricultural research. The portal will be launched in two phases. 

The first one aims at reaching farmers. 

The second phase will pertain to bringing about various aspects of college administration adminstration online. 

The website also provides a platform for academia and industry relationship.