Elders Helpline flooded with calls

Elders Helpline flooded with calls

Elders Helpline flooded with calls

The Elders Helpline (1090) is flooded with calls, following the rescue of 93-year-old Ananthaiah Setty from the confinement at his home.  

Elders Helpline, a joint project of the City police and Nightingales Medical Trust, has been offering support to senior citizens in distress, since the year 2002. 

“The number of calls has increased from 35 to 45 a day following Setty’s incident. But still, there is a lack of awareness among the public about the helpline. Studies reveal that 40 per cent of elders in Bangalore are abused some way or the other. 

“In about 57 per cent of the cases we received till date, elderly citizens are abused by their own children due to family matters and property disputes among others,” said Dr Radha S Murthy, Managing Trustee, Elders Helpline. 

The Helpline has three counsellors, two advocates and a couple of volunteers to resolve the disputes. 

Out of the total 7,133 cases of elders’ abuse reported so far, about 3,545 cases have been resolved through counselling, alternative dispute resolution process and other appropriate actions. 

“We usually counsel the victims along with the abusers, at Elders Helpline 1090 office, Shivajinagar. If the problem is not solved and the victim is continued to be abused, we take the help of the City police. A notice is sent to the abuser with the signature of police authorities. Usually he or she responds and apologises for irresponsible action, fearing action from the cops,” said Sandhya, a counsellors at the helpline.

A street play on the incident of Ananthaiah Setty will be staged on June 15, on the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.