13 lakh voters struck off Delhi roll, they don't exist

13 lakh voters struck off Delhi roll, they don't exist

Names of around 13 lakh non-existent voters were struck down from city’s electoral roll by the Election Commission following a detailed survey.

Delhi's chief electoral officer Vijay Dev said the names of the voters were removed after conducting due verifications.

“We had conducted a house-to-house survey in 2012 in which around 15 lakh voters were identified in the categories of ‘shifted, expired and duplicate’ voters. After conducting due verifications, names of about 13 lakh people have been taken out from our lists,” Dev told reporters.

He said the Election Commission had handed over CDs containing names of these voters to political parties after conducting meetings at the state and district level.

It was a “major exercise which has massively enhanced the purity of our electoral rolls,” he said.

Dev said the Commission has added 8.18 lakh electors in the electoral rolls last year.

“With this total number of electors in Delhi has reached 1.12 crore,” he said.

Dev said to ensure greater participation of women and youths in Assembly elections, Delhi Election Commission will launch a special drive for enrolment of eligible electorate from July 1.