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Rocking harmony

Paramore is an American rock band formed in 2004, with the present line-up of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York. Their discography includes All We Know Is Falling in 2005, Riot! (2007) and Brand New Eyes (2009). Paramore’s fourth self-titled album has monster choruses, chopping guitars and thumping percussions.

The album begins with a killer opener, Fast in My Car, a rebellious anthem. The rebel pop sound continues with the next song, Now, with the grinding industrial sound. “If there’s a future, we want it now,” sings Hayley. The rebellion subsides with Grow up, which has softer tones from synthesisers and electronic beats and mid-tempo guitars. Daydreaming is a song about realising a world dreamt in fantasies. It oscillates between mid-tempo and a ballad. In the short track, Interlude: Moving on, Hayley bids goodbye to an old flame. Ain’t it fun is a sarcastic song about living in the real world. It’s a hybrid rock-dance party-gospel choir song.

Part II is a sequel to Let the Flames Begin from the band’s Riot album, opening with the same What a shame line. Last Hope is a post-pain song of maturity (it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going). Still Into You is an uptempo love anthem. Anklebiters is a song about folks who prey on other people’s actions.

Interlude: Holiday is a brief track about maturing from a high school kid to an adult, using the sound of a ukulele, bass and claps. The album swings back to hard rock with Proof with a staccato guitar riff and thumping percussion. Hate to See Your Heart Break is the album’s lone ballad, and is almost like a country song. (One of Those) Crazy Girls is an uptempo break-up song. While Be Alone is a rocking angry farewell of a song, the concluding Future is an eight-minute track beginning with light guitar riffs and progressing into a hard rock session.

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