Zoo family welcomes new entrants

Zoo family welcomes new entrants

Tigress, sloth bear, hyena and lion tailed macaque are the proud mothers

Zoo family welcomes new entrants

The onset of monsoon, which symbolises life, seems to have had a positive impact of Chamaraja Zoological Gardens. Zoo authorities have confirmed that several animals have given birth in the facility, with the birth of four tiger cubs being the crown in the cap of the zoo.

Manya, a white tigress is among the animals to have given birth. The tigress has delivered four cubs. Among the other animals that have given birth are a lion tailed macaque, listed as an endangered species, a sloth bear and hyena.

Manya is an eight year old white tigress, which too was born in the zoo in 2005. This is Manya’s second litter. She first gave birth to three cubs, two years ago in May 2011.

Zoo authorities are also excited about the possibility of Manya having given to a white tiger cub. They are yet to approach the tigress and the cubs kept in an enclosure, to ascertain their genders and health condition. Manya is the offspring of another white tigress Smitha, which died at the zoo last year.

Manya was paired with Brahma, a male tiger which was captured in the wild and shifted the zoo in 2008. Officials said that the attempts of the zoo to increase the genetic diversity of tiger species seems to have borne fruit. Decline in genetic diversity of these felines is considered to be the greatest road-block in conservation attempts.

Mysore zoo currently houses eight tigers. It can be recalled that Manya had abandoned its first litter, causing the death of the cubs weeks after their birth. According to zoo authorities, the tigress was taking care of the cubs, which was a “good sign”.