Kambar flays govt move on changing academy chiefs

Kambar flays govt move on changing academy chiefs

'Academy presidents should be allowed to complete their term'

Kambar flays govt move on changing academy chiefs

Jnanpith awardee Dr Chandrashekar Kambar said that the system of changing academy presidents with the change in government is not correct. The Academy presidents should be allowed to complete their term.

Speaking to mediapersons, he said allowing the president to complete his/her term will raise the dignity of the post and the government. Academies and Boards should not come under the purview of the ministers.

 There are instances wherein Academy had become defunct without presidents. The government should take the issue seriously.

Former CM Ramakrishna Hegde was not in favour of changing academy presidents during his tenure as a chief minister.

“Academies should be given autonmous power to bring out good works. It should not remain as a government body. The Kendra Sahitya Akedmi has reamined as an autonomous body even till date. If it fails to continue in democratic set up, then academies will lose its identity,” he added.

“There is a fault in the style of functioning of academies in Karnataka. The activities of the academies are not upto the mark. In the backdrop of classical status to Kannada language, the government has allotted Rs one crore each to all the universities in the State. Unfortunately, the funds are utilised for printing books. There is a need to work towards improving Kannada language.”

Kannada font and software should be used effectively. If Kannada fails to make use of the technology, it can not survive. Kannada should be used in science sector too, Dr Kambar said.

Computer softwares should be developed using the funds available under classical status to Kannada language. “We have not reached a stage where we can send SMS in mobilephone using Kannada fonts. The government should be committed to develop softwares in Kannada.”