Experimenting with different colours

Experimenting with different colours

Mohr is the latest women’s brand to hit the market. And what strikes you instantly about the clothes is the colour and design. The two blend perfectly to create a garment which you wouldn’t really find at other popular stores in the City.

In touch with the latest fashion

The design team at ‘Mohr’ doesn’t think twice before they dub the latest collection as ‘a mix of elegance and sophistication’  with a confluence of Indian and Western influences. “The collection dra­ws inspiration from far and wide.

Traditional Indian motifs and patterns are combined with Western silhouettes and form; Az­tec prints make a bold statement and pretty flor­al patterns are just right for the summer,” says Panch­ali Upadhya, COO,
Indus League, a division of Fut­ure Lifestyle Fashions L­t­d.

Panchali states that ‘Mohr’ seamlessly combines an Indian-inspired celebration wear line, designed by Rahul Mishra, with a more westernised contemporary line of elegance wear.

Today’s women are conscious about how they look and what they wear on what occasion. The brand bridges this gap perfectly for it caters to women in the age group of 25 to 35 years. “A woman wants to look good whether she is at work, stepping out with friends for shopping or with her family for dinner. Evolved in her tastes and bold in her choices, she is global in her aesthetic and in sync with fashion from around the world,” adds Panchali.

‘Mohr’ has played around with bright colours such as yellow, blue, red, pink and white. The clothes are western in cut but traditional and Indian in appearance. “We found that today Indian women are proud of their roots and add an Indian touch to whatever they wear, be it dresses or a pair of jeans. Our garments have the stamp of India on their textures, fabrics, motifs and colour,” feels Panchali.

The brand is always on an innovative path and keeps pace with the changing tastes of women who never miss the chance to experiment and explore new garments and accessories that hit the market. Panchali says that they make clothes for the bold and confident women of today. “The brand embodies the many different faces of the modern Indian woman — one who dresses to express herself,” she says.