Music reviews

Music reviews

Tributes to HN

Dr H Narasimhaiah was a senior educationist, veteran Gandhian and Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University.

A recipient of Padmabhushana award, H N, as he was popularly called, was very much fond of drama and music.

To provide ample opportunities for youngsters to savour the different cultural performances, H N started the Bangalore Lalithakala Parishat, with monthly programmes (on first and third Fridays) and “Chaitrotsava,” annually.

After his demise, the festival was converted into “Dr H Narasimhaiah Memorial Cultural Festival” and will be held in June, every year. In the current year (6-6-13 to 10-6-13) dance (Bharathanatya), drama (Dr B V Rajaram – Kala Gangothri), sugama sangeetha, Karnatic and Hindustani classical music concerts were held at the Dr H N Kalakshetra, Jayanagara, under the joint auspices of Ramasudha Charitable Trust.

M D Pallavi, the popular artiste, has performed both inside and outside the country both Hindustani classical and sugama sangeetha concerts. The large gathering was a proof to her popularity and she did not belie the expectations of the audience.

She chose a variety of Kannada lyrics of different Kannada poets, to make the programme an interesting one. “Yava Mohana Murali Kareyitu” is a popular lyric of Dr Gopalakrishna Adiga and Dr D R Bendre’s “Baduku Mayeya Maata” in a majestic ‘vilamba kaala’ attracted with its deep ‘bhaava.’

“Krishnana Kolalina Kare” of Dr P T Narasimhachar at once reminded the classic film “Subba Sastry.” Dr K S Narasimha Swamy’s “Hindina Saalina Hudugaru” describes satirically, while “Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu” was by Dr Nissar Ahmed. It was sung in ‘drutha kaala,’ but a bit loud at times!

Dr Siddaiah Puranik’s “……. Modalu Maanavanagu” is a popular lyric connected with humanism and “Sanjeya Raagake” (Subbaraya Chokkadi) was a pleasing song. She also rendered songs of Dr Chandrasekhar Kambara (Byati Byatiyanadida), Dr Channaveera Kanavi (Ondu Munjavinali), Dr Kuvempu (Ba illi sambhavisu), Dr D V Gundappa (Manku Thimmana Kagga), etc.

The accompanying instrumentalists – Krishna Udupa – on keyboard, Sandeep – on flute, Madhusudhan – on the tabla and Pradyumna – on the rhythm pad – shared the honours with the main artiste. Using her rich and melodious voice, she made her programme a thoroughly enjoyable experience. “Udugana Vestitha Chandra Sushobitha” of Dr G S Shivarudrappa, is a popular lyric and she concluded with “Deepavu Ninnade” of Dr K S Narasimhaswamy, which was delectable.

Classical fervour

Pandit Vinayak Toravi is a senior Hindustani vocalist and a reputed teacher.

He gave a fine vocal recital in the H N Memorial Festival on Saturday, accompanied by Jagad­eesh Kurthukoti on the tabla, Madhu Bhat on the harmonium and Shruthi Bhat on taala. The initial phrases of raag ‘Purvi’ raised high hopes of further delights to come.
With clarity of articulation, serenity of musical enunciation and tonal excellence, brought a high degree of classical fervour.

It was in Ekathal (vilambith) and Druth in teen taal. With a short raga prelude and in Madhya laya Teen thaal, Hameer was also a pleasant one. It was followed by a number of devotionals like “Dayamado Ranga” (Jogiya) of Purandara Dasaru, “Hasivadode Bhikshanna” of Akkamahadevi in Bhatiyar, “Elemana Murariyanu” of Vijaya Dasaru in Kaffee. It was a happy harmony of voice and verse or ‘Mathu’ and ‘Dhathu’ and Toravi concluded with a fine Abhang.

Mysore V Subramanya

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