People's Problems

People's Problems

Unexpected powercuts

There have been facing irregular and unscheduled powercuts in New Thippasandra area for over a month. Every time residents lodge a complaint, they have to provide the entire subdivision/address information all over again.

There is no system to update caller's phone numbers with addresses. The powercuts range from ten to fifteen minutes to up to more than two or three hours.

There are no clear reasons provided for the breakdown. Most of the times, it is explained as an 'unexpected failure'.

We find it hard to understand why so many unexpected failures are happening every day in almost a regular pattern.

Tushar Shukla,
 HAL 3rd Stage,
New Thippasandra

Sunday fare hike illogical

The KSRTC has increased the fare for some of its services on Sundays. To Chennai, the Volvo tickets from Monday to Saturday cost Rs 665 and on Sundays, it is Rs 790.

 In Rajahamsa, the fare from Monday to Saturday is Rs 390 and on Sundays, it is Rs 490. The quality of the buses, timings and service standards are below expectations. Buses are cancelled without prior intimation and passengers are shifted to other buses. What is the justification for this sudden fare increase?

The government must immediately look into the matter and stop robbing people.
Jyothi Mohan,
Sahakara Nagar

Roads not cared for

The roads from 7th Cross to 80 feet Road on 11th Main, HAL 2nd Stage in Indiranagar are not cleaned properly after the retirement of the regular pourakarmika about two years ago.

Many representations have been made to the BBMP authorities in this regard, but to no avail. With the onset of monsoon, the drains need to be cleared as well.

They are clogged with garbage dumped by residents in plastic bags. The BBMP must post a worker regularly to clean the roads on a regular basis.

H N Ramakrishna,
11th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

Stray dog menace

Residents indiscriminately throw garbage near the 6th Cross, 4th Main junction, HAL III Stage. Due to this, a large number of stray dogs come to the place, creating nuisance. Senior citizens are not able to sleep at night due to their continuous barking.

There are no less than 16 dogs straying around the garbage. It is also very difficult for people going for morning walks to the nearby Vishveshwaraiah Park in New Thippasandra. The authorities concerned are requested to deal with the stray dog menace and tackle the garbage problem.

Heavy vehicle menace

The residents in the vicinity of Sankey Road in Sadashivanagar suffer sleepless nights due to the unauthorised plying of heavy vehicles on this stretch.

I wish to remind the traffic police that the noise limit cannot exceed 60 decibels as laid down by the Supreme Court. The traffic police must look into the problem immediately.

Dr Rajan B,
Sankey Road

Unattended drain creating strench

Drainage water is overflowing on 1st main road in the industrial suburb of Yeshwantpur (in front of Trident Hyundai Car Service Centre). Repeated complaints to the BBMP office in Yeshwantpur for two years have proved futile.

It is very difficult to commute on this road as dirty water is overflowing all the time. The stench makes it unbearable to walk on the road. The authorities must look into this problem.

S Srinivasa Prasad,
Industrial Suburb,
No buses on Suranjan Das Road

No BMTC bus plies on Suranjan Das Road, connecting Old Madras Road and Old Airport Road via BEML Gate. There are buses from C V Raman Nagar/Vigyan Nagar plying on this road, but they take a deviation at Jeevan Bima Nagar Cross. Commuters have to walk all the way or take autos. Auto drivers fleece the public, even if they opt to travel on a fare sharing basis. We do see BMTC buses on this route, but these are meant for BEML and HAL employees. I request BMTC to divert some buses going towards Majestic, Banashankari and Shivajinagar via Jeevan Bima Nagar to travel through Old Airport Road. This will solve the problem to some extent.

Meherwan D Mehta,
New Thippasandra Post

Sarakki Market junction in a mess

The four-lane road (Kanakapura Road) near Sarakki Market Junction is occupied by roadside vendors from 4 am to 7 am daily.

The road, just away from the proposed Metro station, is encroached by mini vans, coconut traders and wholesale vegetable vendors. It becomes impossible to drive on the road. It is also full of filth and garbage. The drains get clogged by garbage.

I request the authorities to provide the wholesale vendors a dedicated place, so that they don’t occupy the pavement.

V Rao

Trench poses danger to passers-by

A five-foot deep trench which is four feet in length and two feet in width has been left unattended and without a barricade in the road linking Subhash Nagar, Battarahalli for the past two weeks. During heavy rains, it fills with water and the surface of the road is also becoming eroded. The safety of motorists, pedestrians and children is compromised by the BWSSB’s repair work on the Cauvery water line. The authorities must pay urgent attention to this.

A resident