Forest dept plans afforestation in 1,607 hectare land in Udupi dist

Forest dept plans afforestation in 1,607 hectare land in Udupi dist

A total of 15.21 lakh saplings will be planted during the year, says DCF

The Forest Department has taken up elaborate measures with a target to initiate afforestation programme in as many as 1,607.50 hectares of land in the district for the year 2013-14.

Kundapur Division Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) Manjunath Shetty told Deccan Herald that the target is to plant around 15.21 lakh of saplings in 1607.50 hectare area, of which the roadside plantation will cover around 112.50 hectares of land, firewood plantation would be introduced in as many as 890 hectares of land, around 545 hectares of land will cover ANR (Assisted natural regeneration) plantation and around 60 hectares of land will cover mangroves (Kandlavana).

Around 4.68 lakhs of saplings are grown to distribute among public to encourage the afforestation programme, he added.

These saplings comprise of varieties of species like teak, jack, cashew, nutmeg, cinnamon “nettaruhonne”, “bagalu” and “muriya”. These seedlings are sold for minimal price and a sapling with 5x8 length will cost Rs 1.50 and the sapling with 8x12 length costs Rs 3. The Kundapur division of the department has two sub-divisions, eight zones and a mobile forest unit. The eight zones with eight nurseries are situated in Kundapur (Mavinaguli), Byndoor (Sarpadamane), Sankaranarayana (Matkalgudda), Udupi (Baikadi), Hebri (Madamakki), Karkala (Shirlalu), Mudubidri (Kutlur) and Venur (Aladangadi). Around 20.60 lakh saplings of various species are grown during 2012-13.

The DCF said that under “Krishi Aranya” programme, farmers are given incentives for the number of saplings they grow in their farmland. A farmer gets a total of Rs 45 for each plant for three years.  Around 1.30 lakh saplings are cultivated for the purpose. In 2012-13, as many as 74,153 saplings were distributed among 361 farmers. A sum of Rs 3.42 lakhs was released for the allotments during 2012-13. In 2011-12, around 226 farmers were given 52,234 plants. At present, of the 52,234 saplings, as many as 34,244 saplings survived, he added.

He said to enhance the woodland area, plans are chalked out to develop 5.56 lakh of saplings under Lakh Tree campaign programme. This campaign is taken up in association with Village Forest Committee. Around 100 saplings of various fruits will be distributed to 21 tribal people under the programme initiated for tribal people.

Balkottuhola near Siddhapur-Amparu area is introduced with “Mookambika Devivana,” wherein 20 hectares of grassland area is covered with plant species that is considered religiously and spiritually sacred. The visitors are offered the sapling in concessional rates.

The DCF said that a fund of Rs 28.29 lakh has been released to develop Devivana. One of the innovative projects of the department “Sasyodhyanavana” is introduced in palatial 111.08 hectares of reserve forest land in Badagabettu in Udupi.

The DCF said that a blue print is designed to augment the forest cover area in “Sasyodhyanavana”. Around Rs 50 lakhs is allotted for the purpose of developing the plot. Currently 10 hectares of land is earmarked for the purpose of cultivating the saplings. He said measures are also initiated to develop mangroves (Kandlavana). Around 60 hectares of land is covered.

A sum of Rs 46.05 lakhs is released for the purpose. As many as 10 Village Forest Committees will be formed and are given Rs 1 lakh each to develop mangroves.
 The department has also taken up afforestation programme under Coastal Green Cover programme.

Under this programme, afforestation will be held in as many as 200 hectares of barren and laterite land, he said.