Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

Identity cards

Better safe than sorry

Safety is a major concern in college campuses and that’s the reason behind the issuing of identity (ID) cards to students and staff members. But when it comes to actual checking, there is always scope for potential dangers being overlooked. Metrolife speaks to students and teachers about how effective the ID card is and how safe they feel on campus.

Sreeja Basu, a student of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, says that
students can enter the college premises only if they have their ID card with them. “It’s very strict. The guards don’t let you enter without it. This is because a bunch of random people had once entered and nobody realised that they weren’t from Srishti,” she

“If you’re in a rush and you have forgotten your ID card, then you can tell the guard and go in with a warning. This is because the guards know us by face and essentially, the cards are a formality and security measure. It’s a safe campus and they take a lot of precautions, which is a comforting feeling for students who are living away from home,” adds Sreeja.

Anand Madanapalle Sridhar, who recently graduated from PESIT, asserts that his college took their safety very seriously. “PESIT has always been very conscious of security on campus. Every student and faculty is provided with an ID card with strict instructions to display it at all times on campus. Checking happens at the entry points to the campus as well as the entry to each building.

Further, random checks are conducted all over the campus,” notes Anand.  “When an outsider has to visit the campus, the security personnel are informed in advance about the visiting delegation. A quick ID check of any standard ID is performed before permitting them entry into the campus. They generally insist that the host is present at the entry point to ensure safety,” he adds.

In institutions like M S Ramaiah Group of Institutions, with various departments spread across the large campus, safety is even more crucial. Ramya Balasubramanyam, a faculty member at the degree college, says that both students and staff members are required to carry their ID cards at all times on the campus. “The students are
given ID cards that are signed by the principal and department-in-charge. Even the faculty is given cards with their name, address, blood group, qualifications and designation on it.

You don’t have to flash the card all the time but if checked, one must have it,” she says. The ID card goes beyond the security aspect at the college. Ramya elaborates, “If you have a vehicle, you have to show the ID card on entering the campus and can use it to waive off parking fees. This is a good thing because our security guards are called from an agency and it’s safer for them to check it every time rather than allow people to pass because they recognise you.”