Japanese walks 40,000 km in over four years

A Japanese man has walked about 40,000 km around the world with a two-wheeled cart and is preparing soon to complete his journey which has already lasted for 4.5 years, local media said.

Masahito Yoshida, 32, started his journey in 2009 in Shanghai. It took him a year and eight months to walk 16,000 km  to reach Cabo da Roca, in Portugal. He did fly from Europe to Philadelphia, and then walked from New Jersey to Vancouver, where he arrived in October 2011.

During his trip, Yoshida crossed Australia and returning to Asia, he passed through Singapore and Vietnam. Despite having health problems, the traveller walked at least 30 km a day.

He plans to walk another 500 km from Shanghai to Taiwan and then return to his homeland.
The "planet walker" said he wants to share his unique experience with the Japanese children.

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