Last-minute verifications mar exams

Last-minute verifications mar exams

BEd conundrum: First semester exam dogged by delays, confusions

Last-minute verifications mar exams

Chaos reigned over several centres of the I semester BEd examination of Bangalore University on Monday, even as the university desperately grappled with serious irregularities and tried to plug the loopholes at the last minute.

The exam, which was supposed to be held in April, began on Monday. About 5,490 students had registered for the exam. The university recently decided to allow teacher education colleges with alleged irregularities to conduct the exam this time, in the ‘larger interest of students’. Colleges classified under ‘irregularities’, ‘gross irregularities’ (as per the university’s BEd Task Force report) and the non-functional colleges were given permission to conduct the exam.

Monday’s exam was a mess as the centres set out to verify the details of the students only minutes ahead of the exam. Incomplete admission registers, fake students and outstation candidates who had never attended a single class greeted Vice-Chancellor B Thimme Gowda, who inspected the exam centres.

There was complete disarray at the BES College in Jayanagar. The exam was scheduled to begin at 10.30 am. At 11 am, the exam superintendent there was still found verifying the records of students from different colleges who were supposed to write the exam.
Colleges were not able to produce complete details of their students. Panicked students waited outside the exam hall, unsure of whether they would write the exam at all.

On inspection of attendance registers of Venkateshwara College of Education and Padmashree College of Education, which had their exam centre at BES College, the admissions of several students were found to be suspicious.

The admission registers were incomplete. In certain cases, students’ signatures and photographs were missing, in other cases, there were no details of address, phone number or the date of birth of students.

More than 50 students in the centre were not allowed to write the exam as their admissions came under suspicion.

First visit

Many of the candidates who had enrolled for the exam from colleges in the City were visiting Bangalore for the first time on Monday. They had not attended a single class till date and the colleges got their signatures in the attendance register a day before the exam.

“The college is providing us accommodation,” said a candidate hailing from Odisha, enrolled with Venkateshwara College of Education. He had come to the City one day before the exam, when the college gave him his ID card and admission ticket for the exam.

At the Vijaya Teachers' College centre, Prof Thimme Gowda was shocked to see that a majority of the students from Gear College of Education were outstation students and appeared to have been writing the exam without attending the classes.

With the university deciding to crack the whip at the last minute, even the genuine students were affected. One of the students, Pallavi (name changed), a native of Mysore who was appearing for the exam at BES College, said the genuine students were being penalised as the university failed to take a decision at an early stage.

“At 11 am, I am still waiting outside the exam hall. I do not know whether I will be allowed to write the exam. I am paying for the mistakes of others,” she said.

Attendance register

Every exam centre had a different tale to tell. The Vice-Chancellor had to wait in vain for Kalaniketan College of Education to produce the attendance register.

Colleges are supposed to provide their admission and attendance registers for verification at the exam centre, before the exam.

The V-C gave them a warning that the students from their college would not be allowed to write the exam on Tuesday, if they could not immediately produce the registers. The staff and the principal of the college assured the V-C that the registers were safe in the college and that they would immediately fetch them. After a wait of nearly an hour, the V-C left the place as there was no sign of anybody from the college returning with the registers.