Laughing without reservation

Laughing without reservation

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Laughing without reservation

The stand-up comedy show presented by Raj Sharma and Vasu Primlani in the City recently was enjoyed by audience across different age groups.

Held at Costa Coffee, Koramangala, the evening was opened by Ahmed Sharif, a young stand-up comedian. Some of his witty lines won him much appreciation —  “Being a Muslim is very difficult; everyone wishes Eid Mubarak during the festival and asks for the biryani”; “Harry Potter fans must be aware of Albus Dumbeldore, a popular character from the film. His name suggests that he is linked with a terrorist outfit”; “Since I have grown up abroad, it was very difficult for me to adjust in India and that is when I came across the quirky side of Indians”.

Delhi-based stand-up comedian Vasu Primlani came next. She too entertained the audience with her funny lines. Her tactic of involving the audience worked and the audience was hooked to her act.

“Everything in India becomes plural and I have encountered more than
one incident where people have made simple singular words into plural. For instance, when you are in the Delhi Metro, people generally say please leave the seat for this ‘ladies’.

It’s hilarious,” she explains. She successfully brought out the humourous side of the day-to-day life of an average person.

The audience surely had a great time. “I did not know there was a stand-up comedy show here today. I was hanging out with my friends when I was informed about it. I enjoyed the show as I was in good company and the weather also was great.
That is the best way to enjoy an evening,” says Sukreet Singh, who was there with
his family.

Others like Madhavi, who was there with her daughter, were glad that they made it for the show. “It is a great way to unwind. The comedians are talented and since they are from a different city, they have a fresh approach and their style is unique,”
she sums up.