Soul-stirring music comes alive

Fusion Delight

A classical concert called ‘Divine Resonance’ was held as part of the ‘Premaanjali Festival’ at the Christ University auditorium recently. Despite the rains, the concert saw a good number of people enjoying the musical feast.

 The stage was elaborately decorated with flowers, which added to the celebratory mood.
The evening started with a rare jugalbandi by Rajendra Prasanna on the shehnai and Sarwar Hussain on the sarangi. The artistes began the concert with compositions in raga madhuvanti and raga chaiti.

Compositions in raga charukeshi and raga bhairavi by Shahid Parvez Khan on the sitar and U Srinivas on the mandolin mesmerised the audience with the way the
musical notes blended.

 The grand finale of the evening was a blissful santoor concert by Pandit Shivkumar
Sharma in ragas like ragamalika and pahadi. The thunderous applause and the waah waahs that filled the venue were proof enough that the concert met the expectations of the audience.

   While Bangalore has often been witness to the music of Shivkumar Sharma’s santoor, the fusion was a new experience to the audience.

Addressing the audience during the show, Rajendra Prasanna said, “Sarwar and
I had planned the compositions through our telephonic conversations. Thus there is scope for error.”

Adding to this, Sarwar said, “I give credit to my forefathers and my gurus for all the parts that I play well. And for all the faults, I blame myself.”

Shivaprasad K S, an audience member said, “It’s great that the event started
on time. It was a musical delight for the audience with the variety of instruments played. The different arrangements are really appreciable.”

V S Kumar, a music connoisseur, commented about the evening, “We got to see and hear some of the masters of instrumental music performing together on stage. It was a delightful experience.”

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