A hero caught live!

A hero caught live!


The crowd was waiting anxiously. And thankfully, the rain god co-operated. The place was packed and the Generation A-Star Rock Concert swung into action. The crowd had assembled much before time in order to get a better view of the performance.

Raghu Dixit came on stage and got the crowd swaying to his powerful performance. He sung his hit numbers like Mysore Se Aayi, Amber, Khidki, a ghazal called Har Saans Mein and on public request came Nin Aanne from the Kannada film Psycho. He also sang an old Kannada number called Gudgudi Aase Nodo, the theme of which was ‘smoke hookah and enjoy life’. He got the audience to sing along with him and the crowd had a good time.

“This is the first time I have come for a live concert. My parents used to never let me go when I was in school. I didn’t know that there would be such a crowd and so much of cheering. It is an amazing feeling to see the celebrities at such close proximity. I’m having fun,” said Shruti, a student.

Parikrama then took charge of the stage and got the crowd head banging to rock numbers like Am I Dreaming and Vapourise. When they were done with two songs, Farhan Akhtar came on stage in a red A-Star car and the crowd roared with excitement. He performed songs by U2, Beatles and from his movie Rock On. “I still can’t believe I saw Farhan Akhtar!”, exclaimed Geeta, a housewife.

“I have seen all the movies which he has directed as well as acted in. I’m his greatest fan and I was so excited when I came to know he was performing in Bangalore. I didn’t want to miss this. So I pulled my husband along to come and see my hero,” she added.
The show ended with the final song from Parikrama, Highway to Hell.