Useful only on paper

Useful only on paper


Useful only on paper

Bangalore is growing bythe day and with this evolution, certain new features are being introduced tothe City. Not all of them, though, are helpful to the citizens.

Metrolife identifies a fewsuch features and talks to Bangaloreans and authorities about the same.The wall paintings introducedby the BBMP were an attempt to beautify the City
and add to the character of Bangalore. They include portrayalsof the culture and tradition
of the state as well as images of wildlife.

Dr Vikram Vasanthappa, a citizen fromBasavanagudi, says, “I’m not sure howmany people notice these paintings in subways or under-bridges. Not many pedestrians or motorists take time to enjoy this effort.

It’s awaste of money, which could have been diverted to much more important issues.”He
adds that this isn’t even a good enough platform to encourage artists in the City.
The PRO of the BBMP, S S Khandre, says that the BBMP will be repainting faded portions
of these paintings. “The paintings have faded in many places in the eight zones
across the City.Anamount of Rs 10 lakh has been alloted per zone for this,”he says.

Unscientific humps acrossthe City are an increasing nuisance too. While the BBMP
tries to identify these humps and remove them, welfare associations of residential
colonies are constructing new ones everyday. Sumit Jain, a professional, says, “The City
doesn’t need so many speed humps. The way they have been constructed is incomprehensible.

Speed humps are not there at places where theyare required the most—for
example, in front of schools and malls.”Headds that the shapeless humps are very dangerous because they cause accidents.

Basavaraj K, executive engineerwith the traffic engineering cell of theBBMP, says, “In
2012, 1,600 humps were identified and taken off the road. These humps are mostly prevalent in residential areas, since people want motorists to
slowdownin front of their houses.

”Basavaraj vouches that the BBMPis clearingthese humps as and when they’re identified. Another feature that citizens
feel isn’t as helpful as they assumed it would be are the 16 prepaid auto stands in
the City. The rate cards at each of these counters seemto be a joke. SharmistaBS, a
professional who often commutes by auto, says, “I don’t take autos from the pre-fixed
centres, since the rates there are much higher than the actual fare. Often, the cop will
not even look at a rate card before
fixing the price.”

The traffic authorities havetheir own side of the story. Additional commissioner of police
(traffic),MASaleem, clarifies,“The rate cards at the counters are indicative and
they’re just a guide for the passenger.

Every auto is supposed to ply by the meter, but the rate card helps to identify
the rate for a route.”