Social discipline key to progress of nation

Social discipline key to progress of nation

Since the dawn of time, indiscipline or a lack of core human values is considered to be a major factor for the downfall of civilization.

It is a known fact that no country can ever rise to its great heights without a disciplined population. Lack of discipline shows betrays the sense of frustration or a total absence of control in a society which itself suffers from grossly directionless, which further leads to the restlessness of mind with a tendency towards defiance, overthrowing all codes of conduct.

Such behaviour shows a deep scorn towards the local administration and a madness for reach a position of power. The most pressing need of the hour is to engage young people in constructive activities and channelize their energies in creative or positive way for the benfit of not only oneself but also the larger cause of society.

If parents cannot inspire their progeny by their love, sacrifice, character or behaviour and spirit of cohesion, then the youngsters, who have a superfluous physical energy, become restless and they tend to overthrow the systems, breaking all decency in the cover of darkness, in brute duality which is beyond repair. However the most potent factor that is responsible for the restlessness and indiscipline among the children is the absence of moral and spiritual education in schools and a lack of inspiration from their elders at home.

Thus, it is spiritual education which gives a person self-control and values such as tolerance, patience, sobriety, humility and respect towards elders.It transforms them from a restless person to a person with contentment, dedication and spirit of sacrifice.

Hence the need of the hour is to impart values at the formative stage of the children, that were being cultivated since generations and nurtured as culture and heritage, but somewhere it stopped percolating due to massive western cultural invasion that happened in last quite a few years.

It is not the culture that our forefathers had been meticulously fostering. So, lets go back to our roots, our immaculate foundation and revive our “Original Indian Cultural Heritage,”  which has become lost in the maze of so-called modernisation through easy cross-country access.

Only then would we be able to create a new path of change for the generations to follow.