Set amidst glamour and glitter

Set amidst glamour and glitter

Changing Cities

The book was launched by fashion guru Prasad Bidapa in the presence of many of
Bangalore’s regular socialites. This is Ira’s third book after What Would You Do To Save The World? and Confessions Of A Could-Have-Been Beauty Queen.

The book is a blend of glitz, friendship, sex and a chilling murder set in a world where appearances mean everything. It revolves around the life of Serena Sharma, who always falls for the wrong men and Riya, who comes back to India after an unsuccessful job attempt in America. She returns to Delhi to find the city that she grew up in, has completely changed beyond recognition. The two ladies strike an unlikely friendship. Serena’s mother Parmeet and her husband S P Sharma also form an important part of the novel.

Said Prasad, “This book offers a new side to Ira’s writing and it’s interesting from the first line itself. There are a number of love stories in one book.” Unwrapping a copy of the book, he said, “I took my job seriously and read the book last week. She is a young and beautiful writer and her viewpoint is very interesting. She speaks with a young voice that can connect to young audiences.” He told Ira jokingly, “My only complaint with the book was that it finished too quickly so I hope you will write a sequel soon.” “It’s not a great love story as the title suggests. The title is a satire and so is the story,” said Ira as she addressed the gathering. “It’s about changing India. Though it’s based in
Delhi, the people of Bangalore can relate to it as ten years ago Bangalore was a different city as well.” She added, “It’s a true story of someone I met and befriended. She was so overwhelmed by the changing society and the chaos of sex, drugs and affairs.”

Ira went on to read out an interesting excerpts from the book, which involved the two main characters — Riya and Serena. The author interacted with all the socialites post launch.