Floored by 'Bengaloored'

Floored by 'Bengaloored'

MUsic Scores

For someone, who is singing and playing guitar in a band called ‘Swarathma’, Vasu explains this entire phase of his career as a learning experience. Story has it that Swaroop had first approached the band to direct the music but since most of them were busy, the project was taken up by Vasu alone. “I really liked the idea of the film. Though I have done jingles before, the entire concept of background scoring is new to me. Plus, the music scored is not very different from what we play in the band,” says Vasu.

The film, that stars Harish Raj and Meghana, revolves around a man who returns to his City after a long time only to realise that his City has changed a lot. Keeping that in mind, both Vasu and Swaroop, penned the only Kannada song in the film which talks about how things are changing in Bangalore.

“The song talks of simple changes like how cappuccino has replaced the traditional filter coffee to larger philosophical things like life being seen as a game of snake and ladders,” says Vasu who has also composed five other Hindi songs in the movie, where his other band members have also played as guest musicians.

Ask him if his brother offered him any advice before taking the project up, he says, “Not really, I didn’t consult him at all before taking it up. Both of us are professionals and take our own decisions,” while adding, “more than skill, it’s the experience that counts while directing music. So hopefully, many more interesting projects will come up for me to take up.”

So does that mean it’s the end of Swarathma? “No way, I will still be playing for the band. This will be on the side,” he clarifies.