'Kamasutra 3D is unadulterated art'

'Kamasutra 3D is unadulterated art'


Back from Cannes and yet without an ‘accent’ in her tone, the so-called bomb shell prefers to reply to all questions in Hindi.

Not sure if it is an attempt to make a statement or just to reaffirm that she is different from the rest, her name is sufficient to create a buzz anywhere.

All set to sizzle the screen, both big (with her upcoming film Kamasutra 3D) and small (with Splitsvilla), Sherlyn Chopra shares her thoughts on the two with Metrolife.
“I chose MTV Splitsvilla because I get a chance to showcase my individuality which I won’t get anywhere else,” confesses the siren who was earlier seen in Bigg Boss Season 3. Does she want to join the reality show bandwagon but Sherlyn refutes such suggestions. “TV today is more effective than 70 mm because it has immense reach. For an actor, quality work isn’t enough but consistent quality work is something that every actor should think about.”

So is Kamasutra 3D quality work? “If Playboy was my first step towards excellence then I think with Kamasutra 3D I can go a 100 steps further,” she says vouching for the potential of the film. “If the film didn’t have anything special then I do not think its trailer  would have stood a chance of being launched at a platform like Cannes! Definitely, this film has something special and that is why even before its shooting, there is a hue and cry about it!”

“I want such films to be made and people to realise that every film that has erotica is not porn. I want people to unmask themselves and realise that nudity is not vulgar. Titillation and nudity are two different things,” she professes adding that, “Porn and erotica are two different genres.”

Even so, it is the content of the film that has been more in the news rather than Sherlyn’s character. However, the starlet remains unperturbed. “It should be this way only. Whenever any film gains popularity, it should be so for its story and not for who have acted in it.

I totally believe that the story has to be the king of any feature film. Actors are indispensable but can be replaced unlike the content. The USP of K3D is that its a film without any pretensions, and is a highly unadulterated form of pure art!”

Such is her belief and conviction in the film. “When I signed the film, I didn’t ask the director if I’ll get a chance to kiss or to exhibit my body. I heard the story and thought that if the execution of the film is exactly in the way as its narrative, then it will
create dhamaal.”

Would she be comfortable watching the film with her parents? “I would want them to attend the premiere certainly but if they don’t want to come, I cannot drag them to the theatre. It’s their will,” she says questioning, “Do I do everything for the happiness of my family? Not at all. I do it for my happiness, if I am happy then only I can spread happiness to others in this world.” Right!