Some fun with exercise

Some fun with exercise

Working out is no longer boring and monotonous, certainly not for youngsters. These days, they are resorting to various options to remain fit, be it ‘cross-fit training’, mixed martial arts or power yoga.

These forms of exercises not only boost confidence but also keeps one’s interest in staying fit alive. Metrolife talks to youngsters to find out their preferred workout regimes.
“I think it is absolutely necessary to stay healthy. Being fit makes me feel good about myself,” says Bhargavi Balasundaram, a second-year BBA student of Christ University.

“I chose kickboxing because I have never done anything like it before and it’s a lot of fun. I considered boxing at first but kickboxing seemed to be more interesting,” she adds.
Another popular form of exercise among many youngsters is the ‘cross-fit training’. This form of training combines aerobics and weight lifting.

Owais Shafiq, a student of M S Ramaiah Institutions, says, “I prefer the ‘cross-fit’ training because in this form of work out you aren’t really aiming to bulk up or lose weight. It’s all about remaining fit.”

He goes on to add, “I develop strength, power, endurance and flexibility and I also get a lot of stamina to do other work as well. This is also a really fun way to exercise as there is no monotony. In fact, in the last three months I haven’t repeated a single work out routine.”

Another competitive and new activity is ‘ultimate’. This requires a lot of skill and stamina. Very similar to ‘rugby’, out here instead of a ball one uses a frisbee. “ultimate is the sport with the best spirit and definitely erases the element of ‘jock culture’ as it’s a mixed sport,” says Sushmita Azad, a  student of M S Ramaiah Institutions, who goes on to add, “even though you’re a girl, you can match up to the fitness level of a guy. So one ends up training hard and playing even harder and it definitely increases one’s fitness level.”

In terms of stamina she says, “You play this sport in a football field so inevitably you have to run up and down the field, which in turn increases one’s stamina as well.”

 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is not just an effective exercise form but is also useful when it comes to self defence. And many youngsters are also taking this up as another form of staying fit.

Shailesh Garalapati, an engineering student of BMS College, says, “Unlike gyms which promote a limited variety of motions and ability, MMA training requires a full body routine. This training is an alternative for losing and maintaining weight. It improves my stamina, agility, flexibility and coordination. It’s an intense work out but I enjoy it completely.”

With so many new varieties of fitness regimes cropping up it sure seems like hitting the gym is the thing of the past.