How monsoon-ready are you?

How monsoon-ready are you?

It is important that keep your house ready for the monsoon. One of the major aspects is painting, while another key factor is waterproofing the roof and walls. Also, ensure that wood and steel structures are well-maintained in time for the rain to unleash its fury.

Though a good monsoon is always anticipated eagerly, we should also be ready to face the vagaries of the same. In other words, as we personally get ready to face the same with rain wear and umbrellas, similar safety measures are also needed for our homes.
One of the foremost tasks in this regard is to check the roof of the house for any leakage, if any, which would also result in damaging the outer walls of the building. The seepage caused due to cracks in the roof will also damage the interior walls.

It would be worth spending our quality time and money in rectifying the leakage in the roof. Despite good quality construction, the roofing of every house may need repairs at least once in 10 to 15 years. Nowadays, there are many methods to set right the defects. One of them is applying waterproofing resin. This should be done with the help of an experienced mason who would fill gaps wherever necessary and apply the chemical. With this method, the roof can safely weather the rain fury for at least five ears.

If the condition is more serious, it is necessary to relay the concrete for the whole roof with a coating of waterproofing material.  Many experts in the field are advising laying of tiles on this re-laid concrete which would boost the life the roof further. This would be a long lasting solution.

Role of paint

Another major aspect is painting. The exterior walls need to be repainted at least once in five years. Before painting, minor cracks on the wall need to be filled with putty and good quality all-weather-proof painting is worth the investment.

In the same way, the internal walls and the doors and windows too need to be painted periodically to enhance the life of the building. It is common to have steel external doors and other places where steel grills are fixed in the house which acts as additional safety for the inmates. It is crucial that these steel structures are covered with good paint lest they rust and weaken the structure.

It is also advisable to check if there any leakages in the water pipes and drain pipes and correct the same with the help of good plumbers.

Even electrical connections and loose switch sockets should be get corrected. These can be carried out by a good electrician. All such measures will avoid possible risk of short circuiting and seepage of tap water or drain water.

One more important aspect of the house is the installation of roof top rainwater harvesting. Those who have already adopted the same should ensure that their roof is kept clean ahead of the rainy season and also clean the filter fitted to them. This would enable them to make maximum use of the rain water for their use.

Those who have not opted for rainwater harvesting should get it installed immediately. This helps recharge ground water and avoids wastage of rain water through drains.
All these activities are a must to face the monsoon.