Don't forget to clutch it right!

Don't forget to clutch it right!

Latest fad

Move over maxi bags and totes. Minimalistic clutches are here. Clutches have flooded the market in all possible fabrics, colours, shapes and size.

Ranging from flea markets to designer boutiques, these demure bags are available from a mere Rs 100 to a few lakhs.

All you have to do is choose an outfit, your accessories and then grab a clutch which suits your ensemble and occasion.

Fashion designer Rocky Khanna of Seasons label says, “Clutches have been around for some time now but their popularity is touching the heights now. And going with the demand, designers are now creating new styles of clutches.”

“The trend started in the West a few years back when women
decided to discourage themselves from carrying the world in their bags. Huge bags, in fact, prompt you to fill up your house in them. However, when you have a small clutch, you just take the bare essentials - say the cellphone, a debit card and lipstick. No digging around for the mobile now.”

Initially, it was just the cloth clutch – cotton, silk and lace. Nowadays, you have everything from leather, feather, metal, shell, enamel and ivory. Then there are larger envelope clutches, neon colour clutches, animal print and bejewelled
clutches too.

Rocky says, “It all depends on your occasion and mood. Monochromatic, tan or neon clutches in cloth or leather are ideal for office and day outings. During evening parties, you can go for something more glamorous – like animal prints, and if it’s a wedding, then you can go all out with metal, bejewelled and even Swarovski clutches.”

If you want to be funky, go for unique shapes in clutches. Actors and celebrities have been spotted sporting clutches in the form of a heart, lips, peacocks and swans! Shilpa Shetty was recently seen with a ball-shaped, string-attached clutch dangling from
her wrist.

“Though, of late,” adds Rocky, “the fashion of perfume bottle clutches has
taken over. They look extremely pretty with their soft colours and small snouts. Transparent clutches of see-through material spell sexy and are most ideal for evening dos.”

“In case, you are looking for something studious, a new designer line of book clutches has come up. They look exactly like a book with cover and all but open up like a clutch. Though it’s exclusively available with the label right now, it is only a matter of time before copies hit the market.”