Scanner problems to delay BU degree results

Scanner problems to delay BU degree results

The delay in scanning and coding of answer scripts of undergraduate examinations conducted by Bangalore University (BU) has already affected the schedule of evaluation and is likely to defer the declaration of results by about a month. 

“The results were supposed to come out by the end of June or early July. The new academic year was to begin on June 24. But given the present conditions, the deadline is likely to be missed,” said M Prakash, Custodian, BCom (second and fourth semester).

In order to check widespread malpractices in evaluation of answer sheets, BU had replaced the manual coding of answer scripts with coding through scanners about four years ago. According to H Prakash, Chairman, Board of Examinations (BCom occasional and BA restructure course), the system was working fine till last year, when there was a similar delay.

Even during the time when answer sheets were manually coded, the process was completed right after the examination of a particular faculty was over,” Prakash said. “It greatly reduced the pressure, ensuring that everything was completed on time.”
Evaluation should have begun soon after all examinations were over on June 7. But as the scanning is yet to be completed, it is likely to disrupt the calendar of events.

Final-semester students applying for higher studies and for jobs will be particularly affected as their results will be delayed. “Many varsities, including the University of Mysore and Tumkur University, are ready with the results but we have not even begun evaluation,” said M Ashfaq Ahmed, Chairman, Board of Examination, BCom (second and fourth semester). Besides, admission to postgraduate courses would be postponed, he added.

The evaluation of popular courses such as BCom, which has 97,000 students, will take at least 40 days. “Each BCom student has four to five papers and there are just 1,000 evaluators,” said M Prakash. There are as many as 43,964 students in BA, 30,092 in BBM, 18,318 in BSc, 15,968 in BCA, besides scores of students in other courses.

Vice-Chancellor B Thimme Gowda said: “We are hoping that the results will be declared by July so that admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses can start by August. Evaluation of language subjects will start in a day. For other subjects, it will start by monday. The delay in scanning answer sheets is due to problems with outsourcing the task to a private firm. The issue is solved now.”