Life beyond punishment

Life beyond punishment

For human beings, freedom is the most cherished right, as it allows for full expression of an individual’s hopes, aims and capacities. We all are fortunate enough to live in a country where there is freedom of speech, expression and choice. Without these, we cannot enjoy our life to its fullest.

There is no doubt about the fact that when we are free, we are happy, but when the same freedom is misused, it creates injustice among people.

The injustices of people against each other and nature, individually and collectively, are to such an extent that one can see and feel that the machinery of clearing these debts is working at colossal speed.

But, amidst all these problems, serene justice by the Supreme is working to redress all the huge and catastrophic imbalances caused by humanity’s misuse of freedom. When misuse of freedom produces disorder, then the Almighty’s justice, with or without humanity’s consent, strives to regain the balance. Remember, there is no human thought, opinion or action that can overrule His justice. His law is law for all which says that harmony and order must be preserved both at personal and cosmic level for the good of all.

There is a myth among people that the Almighty punishes us for our wrongdoings. But the fact is that He does not punish anyone; punishment is an automatic process of universal rebalance working itself out through time. It is actually a simultaneous process of realisation and responsibility. Hence we should not really call it punishment, but justice.

However, above justice, there is one power that cancels the debts, the imbalances, the sorrow. That power is Love, which in its pure form is called Divine Love and comes directly from the Supreme.

With great compassion, divine love cancels the past, dissolves all our debts and releases the human soul from its various accounts, provided we love and respect others to the extent we love and respect ourselves. But, if we return to our same old habit of misusing our freedom irresponsibly, then there is no alternative but punishment.

So, allow everyone their eternal right of freedom to live peacefully forever without any punishments.