Nepali man found killed

Nepali man found killed

Nepali man found killed

A middle-aged man from Nepal died after being assaulted with a blunt instrument and stabbed repeatedly, in Gandhipuram, Whitefield on Wednesday night.

The deceased has been identified as Sagar, 30, a native of Nepal, and an employee of a Chinese restaurant in the City. He had been working in the City for the last 10 years.

The crime was discovered by a neighbour, Yusuf Khan, just after midnight on Wednesday when he noticed that the door to Sagar’s home had been left ajar with the lights turned on. When he went inside to check on Sagar, he found him lying in a pool of blood in the hall.

Khan immediately called the Whitefield police. A senior police official handling the case told Deccan Herald that Sagar died after being repeatedly struck on the back of his head with a blunt object, possibly an iron rod, and stabbed multiple times. The other residents of the home, Sagar’s wife, Anita (28) and her younger brothers, Roshan and Suman, are currently missing.

‘Motive not known’

Police said the motive for the murder is still unknown, but added that the disappearance of Anita and her brothers seems to imply their hand in the killing.

“Sagar and his family had no other relatives in the City,” police said and expressed confidence that the arrests of Anita, Roshan and Suman would reveal the motive for the crime. Police suspect that a family dispute led to the murder. Sagar had married Anita, a native of West Bengal, eight years ago.

The couple did not have children and were living in a rented house in Gandhipuram with Anita’s younger brothers, Roshan and Suman, both in their early 20s.

The brothers were employed as waiters at another hotel in the City.
Whitefield Police have registered a case of murder. A manhunt has been launched for Anita, Roshan and Suman.