Yoga for relief of stress

Yoga for relief of stress

Life has become stressful because of our busy schedules, waking up too early for work or working late nights and irregular meals. Under stress conditions body, mind and breathing is affected.

Yoga will definitely help you to reduce your stress levels as it promotes relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. Yoga can benefit  body, mind, and breathing which are badly impacted by your day-to-day stressful conditions

Lots of people think of yoga as stretching or twisting the body into various impossible-looking pretzel shapes. But yoga is easier than it looks. There are simple poses as well as complicated ones, so there is something for every ability. Yoga requires no special equipment. It can be done anywhere.

Yoga poses are good exercise and can help loosen up the tense muscles in your body. The areas of body that tend to carry most stress are the neck, shoulders, and back. But other parts of body also can benefit from simple yoga stretches.

Yoga is much more than just physical exercise. The key to getting the best out of each pose is to focus not only on your body, but also on your mind and breathing.

Yoga exercise (asanas): Asanas are the physical practices of body postures. The intense stretching of yoga releases tension from problem areas, including the hips and shoulders.

Breath Control: Pranayama or breath  control is an important part of stress management workout in yoga.  It is a tool for relaxing the body. You can choose to regulate the breath. Learning to take deep breaths and realising that this can be a quick way to computer from stressful situations will have and amazing effect.

Simple meditation: Our minds are constantly active, racing from one thought to another, spinning possible scenarios for the future, and dwelling on the past. Yoga offers several techniques for taming the monkey mind.

Yoga Nidra: Every yoga session ends with five to ten minutes spent relaxing in corpse pose - savasana. While this can be difficult at first, eventually it serves the purpose of a total release for both body and mind.