'My character is very strong'

'My character is very strong'

'My character is very strong'

Actress Sanjjanaa confesses that she has worked really hard for her just-released movie Mahanadi.

   She has been hopping in an out of theatres and interacting with the public, after the release of the film.

 “The audiences, especially the women, who came to the theatres to watch the first
day, first show were impressed with the movie. I hope this film is the beginning of more heroine-centric films in the Kannada film industry,” Sanjjanaa tells Metrolife.

Sanjjanaa points out that in Mahanadi, the responsibility lay not only with the hero, the heroine too had equal weightage. Sanjjanaa has also spent a lot of time
shooting for the film which is largely shot along the coastal areas and captures the life of the fisherfolk.

“I play a fisherwoman, who is very ambitious and dreams of doing things that are almost impossible for her. The movie not only captures the dreams and aspirations of a fisherwoman but her life has also been linked with that of a river and involves many twists and turns,” she says.

Sanjjanaa adds, “My character is very strong and there are portions in the film where I’ve had to play up on my emotions. And that part was quite challenging.”

Sanjjanaa thinks her character in Mahanadi has given her a chance to experiment. “It’s a bold character and the story traces the journey of a girl to a woman. How a
small town girl makes it big and shines among the rich and the famous is the crux of the story,” she avers.

She thinks a lot of ordinary but ambitious women will
relate to the story.

“The Kannada film industry is a largely male-dominated and the heroines have very little role to play.

I hope Mahanadi will inspire more directors to make films
about women,” she signs off.