Oriental flavours on a platter

Oriental flavours on a platter

Food Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival will give the Chinese cuisine lovers of the city the perfect opportunity to relish authentic Chinese food.

‘Memories of China’ at Vivanta by Taj is celebrating ‘The Dragon Boat Festival’, which will give those who love Chinese cuisine the perfect opportunity to sample some of their favourite dishes. This grand spread will be available at the restaurant till June 23.

Rice dumplings or zongzi, an intrinsic part of the cuisine, is being served to celebrate the festival. Chef Lai Hin Tong William adds his special touch to the cuisine with a
customised sauce.

“This sauce has been made by me. In fact, everything we have used in the spread has been made in the restaurant. The festival is very special for us and the food is part of the celebration,” he says, adding, “the zongzi will be served with a host of other dishes. These rice dumplings are prepared in a special way. The rice and other ingredients are put together and wrapped in a bamboo leaf. It is then steamed,” he explains.

There is a wide variety of appetisers for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Some of the prawn dishes include salt and pepper prawn, deep-fried prawn with ginger spring onion and soya, sauteed prawn marinated with ginger spring onion sauce, crispy-fried winglets, pan-fried chicken and prawn bao. The prawns are fresh with a delightful texture and the sauce complements them perfectly. What really adds to these dishes is the freshness of the fare, whether seafood or poultry.

Chef Tong adds that the response so far has been great and many have liked the zongzi. “It can be combined with vegetables as well as non-vegetarian side dishes. Hence, we have provided guests with a large spread so that they can choose what they want.

It is a treat for those who like the taste of authentic Chinese food,” he adds.
The vegetarian appetisers include salt and pepper green corn, dry chilli waterchestnut and konjee crispy lotus stem. The soup section includes spicy hot chicken soup and
a creamy herb and sweetcorn soup, making it quite an adventure for the taste-buds.

The seafood section is enticing and offers interesting flavours and textures: steamed whole Cantonese-style baby lobster, which can be combined with a variety of sauces; sauteed lobster with egg white and crispy dried scallop and crispy prawn soya garlic, while is served with its shell, to name a few.

   Vegetarians can choose from wok-fried celery with lotus root, waterchestnut and honey bean, pan-fried seasonal greens with garlic and many other options. The vegetable nutty fried rice and traditional glutinous rice dumpling
complete the experience of trying out this cuisine.