Freshness in every nibble

Freshness in every nibble

Many options

Freshness in every nibble

If you feel like treating yourself to delicious food that reeks of freshness, ‘Freskka’ is worth a try.

Located on 80-ft Road in RMV Extension, it is a popular haunt for everybody who lives nearby – from students and professors of Indian Institute of Science and MS Ramaiah College – to young professionals and families.

The café-cum-restaurant boasts of a cosy ambience, affordable prices and interesting takes on Italian, Mexican and continental food.

Another plus point is the fact that it is open throughout the day, offering breakfast items like baked beans, waffles, toast and omelettes.

“When we started in 2007, there were no restaurants on this road. Now, it’s like a mini Brigade Road with the kind of options you have here,” says Rahul Karanan, the

“From the first day we opened till today, we have assured that the taste stays the same. This place only runs because of the quality of food, service and the ambience,” he adds. Even its tagline – ‘Freshness in every bite’ – reflects this philosophy.

Appetisers include French fries, nuggets, momos, sandwiches and burgers among other things, while the lunch and dinner options have soups, salads and pastas.

However, the dessert menu only has five items, including tiramisu, cheesecake and ‘ganache tart’.

“Our menu includes all the items we’ve ever tried out since we opened. But there are essentially just a few dishes that are ordered by the regulars. Our most popular dishes are the ‘three chilli chicken’, ‘pesto pasta’, lasagne and momos,” shares the owner, who is more than content with the way ‘Freskka’ has turned out. “It’s really nice to see this kind of response considering we’ve not advertised at all. Our little community of customers has been built purely by word of mouth,” he smiles.

That is probably why people take the liberty to just spend a few hours at this neighbourhood restaurant with a book and a cup of coffee. The beverages, which include coffee, tea, juices and milkshakes, are also fresh and tasty.

The staff, ten in number, is also open to customisation. “We are open to customisation because in this cuisine, people are particular about mushrooms, garlic, onions and things. We even moderate the level of spice according to the customer,” explains Rahul.
 ‘Freskka’ is located at 2/4, 80 ft-Road, opposite MS Ramaiah Hospital, Pujari Layout, RMV Extension. For home delivery, call 64531467.