Officer revolts against servant-like treatment

Officer revolts against servant-like treatment

Rajasthan state guesthouse manager seeks help

Tired of hosting a barrge of VIPs who make a beeline for the Sirohi circuit house in Mount Abu during summer, its manager Subrata Saha sought intervention of governor Margaret Alva in helping him fix his personal life which is on the brink of being ruined because of his over-demanding job.

  So fed up is the officer of his daily chores that he calls the overburden a violation of human rights and has even threatened to move the State Human Rights commission (SHRC) for justice.

 Mount Abu, the only hill station of the state, falls under the district and the circuit house lies in its vicinity. Therefore, the VIPs often stay at the circuit house and the staffers here are overworked without any break. Currently the Governor Margaret Alva is in Mount Abu, the summer residence of the Governor.

 Subrata Saha, the manager at Sirohi circuit house, has complained that the excruciatingly long hours at work are taking a toll on him and his family life.

“I am working round the clock without any leave even on Sundays and government holidays and carrying out the duties of housekeeper, clerk as well as that of manager and have to spend from my pocket to run the affairs of my office in the absence of adequate staff,” Saha rues in his letter.

 He goes on to add that his complaints have been overlooked by seniors. He wrote a letter even to the chief secretary, but to no avail.

 “Sir, I had written to you too for suitable cognisance in the matter, but it appears that even you are not in position to provide justice to me. All that I was told by the senior officers of the department after writing to you was that they were always with me, but nothing concrete — other than plain lip service — has been done.”

While speaking to Deccan Herald over phone, he said he sent letters to the government but to no avail. “I am exhausted entertaining the guests continuously without any break.”
 “This is the violation of my human rights. If the department takes no cognisance of my grievances, I will take up my case with the human rights commission,” he said.