Problems galore in Thithimathi

Problems galore in Thithimathi

Problems galore in Thithimathi

Muddy road, overflowing drains, potholed roads, and overflowing drains make life less than pleasant for the residents of Thithimathi.

To facilitate the work on widening Mysore-Kannur road, all the storm water drains have been removed. With the dumping of soil on one side of the road, to facilitate the work, road has become muddy.

“The road turns muddy. And we have to walk on the stagnated rainwater,” said a resident.
Stray dog menace is another problem haunted by the residents. With lack of space, vehicles are parked beside the narrow road.

Accidents are common on this narrow road.

With lack of UGD facility, all the waste water flows beside the road, posing threat to the lives of the citizens. With failure of the authorities to clear dustbins, overflowing dustbins have been causing nuisance to the residents.

The work on widening Hunasoor road has been moving in snail’s pace.

About five kilometre road from Hunasoor Junction has been completed. With the rains lashing the district, the work on asphaltation of road has come to a halt. Aanechowkur-Panchavalli road is in deplorable condition and causing inconvenience to the vehicle users.

Road work from Gonikoppa to Devarapura has been completed. The work from Devarapura to Thithimathi is moving in snail’s pace.

“The work should have been completed before the onset of monsoon. Now, we have to wait the work is complete,” said Thithimathi resident Vasantha.

When asked GP PDO Manmohan, he said the PWD is entrusted with the work on laying UGD. “We do not have funds to lay UGD,” he added.

Zilla panchayat member B N Prithyu said the contractor should complete the road work at the earliest.