Prez wants legal fraternity to fight for women

Prez wants legal fraternity to fight for women

Prez wants legal fraternity to fight for women

President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday asked the legal fraternity to be the vanguard for the fight for women’s rights, while calling for introspection over the erosion of values in society in view of recent incidents of sexual assault and child rape in the national capital.

He asked the people to practise what they wanted others to do for them. Addressing law students here on the occasion of the first convocation of National Law University Delhi, Mukherjee said that there was a need to reset moral compass for the country.

“Recent incidents of brutal assault and child rape in Delhi have shaken our society’s collective conscience. They highlight the urgency with which we need to introspect at the erosion of values and our repeated failure to ensure safety and security of our women and children…The legal fraternity, especially students of law, must be in the vanguard of the battle for women’s security, rights and welfare,” he said.

Mukherjee, who awarded gold medals to 22 meritorious law students of the varsity, referred to Mahatma Gandhi’s words –“Be the change you want to see in the world” while asking students to inculcate the principle in their lives.

“Many of us often ask of others what we are unwilling to do ourselves. People furious about corruption still remain willing to bribe to expedite their own work. While demanding strict laws against sexual violence and gender discrimination publicly, there are those who continue to perpetuate the same gender discrimination. Some get angry when seniors treat juniors with discourtesy. But sometimes they themselves are inconsiderate to those who work under them,” he pointed out.

Mukherjee asked the students to participate in making choices to realise the dreams of Constitution-makers.

“Study the Constitution well. Understand our political system, its institutions and processes. Analyse the choices that were made to build the country into what it is today. Recognise that intelligent choices will need to be made for enabling this country reach her maximum potential. Participate in making these choices,” he said.

The President also said: “India has changed more in the last six decades than in the previous six centuries. I am confident it will change even more in the next ten years than in the previous sixty. This is India’s enduring vitality at work.” Justice Dalveer Bhandari, a judge in the International Court of Justice, was conferred with the degree of LLD (Honoris Causa) in the function.