Name sounded the 'death knell' for this doctor

Name sounded the 'death knell' for this doctor

Mistaken identity

Residents in and around Gayathri Hospital in Vijayanagar witnessed high drama for more than an hour after rumours spread that Dr Sunil of the hospital had killed himself inside its premises.

A large number of residents flocked to the hospital, expressing shock and sympathy over “his death.” Sunil was shocked to hear the news of ‘his death’ and had to break the news to friends and family calling him on his cellphone, that he was very much alive.

Vijayanagar police found it extremely difficult to control the mob as they wanted to have a glimpse of Sunil’s “body.” While the police declared that Sunil was alive, they refused people entry inside the hospital. This heightened the suspicions of people and most concluded that Sunil had indeed died and that the police were misleading them.
Escalating the situation, television news channels  began to flash “breaking news” of a doctor committing suicide inside the hospital. As the situation started worsening, Sunil came out of the hospital and declared that he was alive.

He clarified that he had not made any attempt to kill himself. He requested the mob to calm down and said that a dentist was rushed to the hospital after she made an effort to kill herself and that she was no more. The mob heaved a sigh of relief to see Sunil alive.

A policeman blamed the media for flashing news of the “suicide” without first verifying the information.

“Nobody understands our difficulty in controlling the situation. Traffic on the service road was affected for nearly an hour. The chaos had an impact on the hospital staff and several patients. The police did not know how to react after a few reporters started collecting details about Sunil. “Nobody listened when the police said that Sunil was alive,” he said.

Another policeman had this to say on why it all came to this. He said Sumathi, the dentist who committed suicide, had a younger brother by name Sunil, an engineer with a private firm.

She was rushed to the hospital after she hanged herself. A few people thought that Sunil was a doctor and that he had hanged himself to death.

“When they came to know that there was a doctor named Sunil in Gayathri Hospital, they concluded that it was he who had hanged himself,” the policeman said.