Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Attractive Bharatanatya

Curtains came down on the “Dr H Narasimhaiah Memorial Cultural Festival” with a dance recital on last Monday. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, who presented a Bharatanatya recital, has learnt dance under Narmada and M R Krishna Murthy. She has performed in many parts of the world and has received several awards including “M G R Award” (best young dancer) from the Music Academi, Chennai. She is a popular actor in Malayalee films and has bagged the Best Actress Award from the Kerala Government and Filmfare Awards, too.

Lakshmi attracted a good gathering for her dance performance at the Dr H N Kalakshetra. She chose many compositions of Swati Tirunal, to commemorate his centenary. Opening with a sloka (Bhouli raga) on Padmanabha, followed with “Shankara Girinatha Prabho” in Hamsanandi, which gave her a pleasant start. The main attraction of the evening was ‘Suma Sayaka’ in Karnataka Kaapi raga of Swati Tirunal. With some well knit jathis and captivating movements, she made the Pada varna impactful. With her sparkling eyes Lakshmi’s Abinaya pieces were much more impressive with visual appeal. The popular Devaranama “Baro Krishnaiah” was followed by a ‘Utsava Prabhandam’. The ‘Kanakamaya Mayidam’, is a Mani Pravalam, to be performed on the third day of the ‘Utsavam’. But the Behag thillana was not evocative enough.

The dancer was well supported by the musicians, from the wings: Arun Gopinath (vocal), Praveen Kumar (Natuvanga), Srihari Rangaswamy (Mridanga), Narasimha Murthy (Flute) and Suggnahalli Shadakshari (Compere).

Striking vocal

The 800th programme of the Bangalore Lalitha Kala Parishat was held on Sunday in collaboration with Rama Sudha Charitable Trust. It was a vocal concert by Saketh Raman, a disciple of Lalgudi Jayaraman, the violin wizard. He is an ‘A-grade’ artiste of Akashavani and has toured the US, the UK and many other countries extensively. He is also a recipient of few awards including ‘Yuva Bharat’ and ‘Kalki Krishnamurthy Award.’

In the current concert, Saketh Raman sang familiar compositions in a sparkling way. For instance, “Yaare Rangana”, the popular Kannada Devaranama, stood out for its emotional sensitivity. Papanasham Shivan’s “Sharade Veena Vaadana Visharade” – is a good addition to the concert repertoire. ‘Anathudanu’ of Saint Tyagaraja (Jingla) with chitteswara, was a quickie. “Sri Satyanarayana” – was the piece de resistance of the concert. A cascading variety of ‘Sangathies’ enhanced the aural elegance of the Keerthane. After the well known Daasara pada ‘Jagadoddharana’ Saketh Raman concluded with a Lalgudi thillana, which had several intelligent phrases. He sang with full involvement and lively phrases and stole the show. H K Venkatram on violin was highly evocative and responded very well. The percussion duo, B C Manjunath and G Guru Prasanna, fulfilled the needs of the occasion.

Yuva Sangeethotsava

The Bangalore Gayana Samaja, century old premier music organization, conducted a ‘Yuva Sangeethotsava’, to encourage young aspirants. Veena, flute and saxophone recitals, apart from vocal, were held and 30 young musicians performed during the 8 days festival.

Priyanka C Prakash of Bangalore is a disciple of Neela Ramgopal,veteran musician and recipient of few prizes and awards from the Music Academy, Malleswaram Sangeetha Sabha and Saamudra Foundation.

Priyanka was accompanied on violin by M.P. Aditya, on mridanga by Sunil Subramanya and on morching by N. Amrith Kumar. ‘Sarasuda’ the stately varna in two speeds gave Priyanka a bright start. ‘Ramachandraya Namasthe’ with nerval was pleasing and ‘Sarasa Samadana’ brought nostalgic memories in old timers. ‘Deva Deva Jagadeeshwara’ with swara, was another good selection. Many listeners identified the raga of ‘Rame Bharatha Palaya’ only after the announcement (Jyothi), as it is not a familiar raga. Bhairavi was the proof of her good training and talent and Ragamalika swara added further pep into the pallavi. Priyanka is blessed with a good voice and being trained well and has a good future with some more training and stage experience.

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